Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Who am I?

Hey babba's! This post is literally just about me... getting to know me, the girl behind all the chatter.
You may or may not find it interesting, either way is fine of course :)

So the obvious - My name is Kerri, unless we're being honest, in which case my name is Kerrie~leigh. I'd tell you my middle and last name but to avoid any possible snooping, I'll keep it to myself!

I'm 19 and from North York. I don't live there any more but 'home is where the heart is'.
I'm a Pisces and fall for my horoscope on a daily basis. 

I am a natural blonde with blue eyes and could do with growing a few inches. I've got my ears, nose, lip, Monroe, belly and tongue pierced, I'm actually terrified of needles so I'm yet to figure out how I ended up with any of them.
I get the giggles a lot and fall asleep if someone plays with my hair. I get hiccups when i'm nervous, that's not cool. I'm a size  
4 shoe and couldn't tell you what size I am in clothes because shop's are inconsistent these days :')
 Like many girls, I have things id like to change and things I don't mind so much about myself. 
I'm a little all over the place but generally tend to know what I want in life.

My parents split when I was little my 'family story' is nothing anyone needs to know. I have been through a hell of a lot in my life so far, this isn't a sob story so i'll spare the details, but I grew up fast and have become a very independent, level headed young woman - or so id like to think. 
I love going out on the Harley and admiring custom choppers, OCC can keep me amused for hours. A girl can dream. 
I grew up with bikes and fast cars, one day i'll have my own American muscle car and Harley and be one very happy girl!
I write, blog, sing, play guitar, dance, i'm a makeup artist and beautician... and work in childcare. 
If I could live every other day cruising 'round Phoenix listening to Blake Shelton and the other days shopping my socks off in the big city, well that would make me super happy too!
The other side of me likes makeup, shoes, magazines, blah blah blah! You know the typical girl stereotype. 
I have a thing for Disney, I want to spend Christmas there one year <3
I also want to take one whole day to show someone all my favourite things and places... someone special.
I have insomnia but on the bright side, i'm always up to chat!
I used to be mega unsociable but have recently got my backside into gear and realised that life is worth living!
I'm certainly no role model, I'm not overly intelligent or pretty, I don't exercise or eat healthily, i've made some rubbish choices in my life but i'm happy :)
I'm not taken but my heart is, maybe it'll be both if my luck picks up!
I have the best friends a girl could ask for and a bestfriend id kill for. 
And if you want to know a little more, just ask!


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