Monday, 21 May 2012


Hey Babba's! Just a small post, I want to seriouslyyyy! recommend taking a listen to Landon Austin, check out the videos below and give him a search on Youtube :)

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Wish List

So it would seem that I am no good with keeping up with my skin & hair care...
Everything I have (which isn't a lot anyway) is on it's last legs and I don't get paid until the end of the month, talk about tough luck.
Money issues have been a real pain for me recently so hair and skin care routines have been thrown totally out the window. Facewipes should only be your friend after a night out and a cheap shampoo might be friendly on the purse but it really isn't a friend to your hair.
My next pay day should be a good'n! So i've decided to step up my game, make a wish list and then go for it! 


I never got round to trying the Bourjois  Healthy Mix foundation so when my friend and I went shopping and she said she wanted to try this '123 PERFECT', we decided to go halves and use it when we're getting ready to go out so we both get to use it the same amount, if you know what I mean? We typically don't go out one without the other so this works out quite well :)
We got the colour BEIGE as we tend to be fairly tanned recently, I find the colour can be fixed to suit my tone however looks pretty perfect on my friend.

I've been using the St Moriz tan a lot and have still not managed to find a foundation that matches up perfectly with the colour I turn :S 

                         - Medium coverage but with a little work can be full coverage.
     - All the shades seem to be a little on the pink/rose toned side.
  - It didn't completely mask redness but over all it did even out my skin.
-Slightly cakey feel and I noticed it separated on areas of my face throughout the day.

I have really mixed views on this foundation and can probably blame it on my truly awful skin! I imagine this foundation would be lovely on naturally balanced skin types looking to simply even out the skin.
For just over £6.00, I can't really complain!

Wednesday, 2 May 2012


Wheey! It's been a while but I'm back! No excuses for neglecting my blog, I really have had nothing to write about, you know... Too much month at the end of the money and all that!

Before I get into this one I just want to mention that I have bought the Bourjois 123 PERFECT foundation and will be doing a full review very soon! I also have a few OOTD's and a bit of goss to look out for!

Right, here we go!
This is a very basic look I created, sort of inspired by Christina's make-up in Burlesque. I absolutely ADORE the whole Burlesque look.

Products used:
Face ~

Estee Lauder - Idealist

17 - Photo Flawless skin primer

Estee Lauder Double Wear - Desert Beige 
(I find this foundation is still very light for a yellow toned beige)

New CID - i-glow (Ice Pop)
New CID - i-glow (coral crush)
Bare Minerals - Warmth (for contour NOT 'bronzer')

Eyes ~

Benefit - Static - from the 'EYE WANNA!' kit.

MUA - Shade 20 from the Immaculate Collection Palette

Collection 2000 - EXTREME 24 hour felt tip liner

17 - Peep Show Mascara

Benefit - Badgal liner

Lips ~

Barry M - Red Kohl Pencil to fill in lips

Dior Addict - Rouge lipstick (from small kit)

Set with ELF makeup mist & set !

Tuesday, 3 April 2012


Top ~ Bank

Shoes ~ Bank

Shorts - Republic

Necklace ~ Topshop?

Thursday, 29 March 2012


The sun has come out and so has the summer wardrobe! 
Very simple :)
Playsuit - H&M, 
Headband - Solstice 

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Happy List

25 things that make me happy! :)

1. A certain someone <3

2. Scarborough - Seaside 

 3. Pastel coloured flowers

4. Sunbathing

5. Getting the giggles

6. Having my hair played with

7. The flower headband my mum bought me

8. holding hands

9. Ride outs on the Harley

10. Disney

11. The first BBQ of the year

12. Millies cookies & Milkshake

13. Lights reflecting off crystals

14. Acting like a tourist in York

15. Wedges - not heels

16. Getting butterflies

17. When my duvet has been fabric softened

18. Unexpected signs of affection

19. Vanilla

20. Big sunglasses

21. Fruit for breakfast
22. That breeze when it's too hot

23. Horse riding

24. When glitter falls out the ceiling at gigs

25. Moments you wouldn't change for the world.