Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Diorskin Forever vs Estee Lauder Doublewear

Hey Babbas! 
The title of this post says it all... I have been dying to pick a winner for quite some time now and after asking others for opinions I opted for the sensible route and got myself samples of both.
I love Dior but have always found that their foundations look amazing on others - not so much on me. However, after reading numerous reviews on the Diorskin Forever I decided I couldn't resist trying it out. 
My personal experience with the MUA on the makeup counter wasn't as great as id hoped and so I only walked away with a sample size, being honest, I didn't entirely trust the shade she'd picked. Being fair, the shade wasn't far from perfect but after a few hours it had oxidised slightly on certain areas of my face and I began to look like id randomly been slapped in the face with a handful of fake tan. Good points - the coverage was nice and my 'flaws' were almost invisible however redness was definitely still there and applying too much left me looking a little cakey once id applied powder, this meant that I ended up taking the foundation off before Id had chance to test its staying power which is the products main selling point. 
I liked this foundation and can totally see why some people swear by it but for me, it's not the one.

My expectations were incredibly high for the Estee Lauder double wear and I have not been disappointed. The woman on the counter was friendly and helpful without making me feel like I HAD to buy anything. I was sat down and  had a small area of my foundation removed so I could sample 3 shades before picking the perfect one. The 3 stripes of foundation were left to settle to make sure the colour didn't change at all on my skin and then we picked 2 shades, one for my skin now and a slightly darker one with the right undertones for when I'm more tanned. She then removed the foundation and applied the right shade to even my skin out again. I have 2 very reasonably sized samples of both shades and will definitely be going back to purchase the full size. 
I had been told by a few people that the double wear tends to really highlight and cling to dry skin, which is a problem I have had with nearly every foundation I have ever tried, however, for me, this foundation sat on my skin perfectly, covering every imperfection, redness and pore whilst gliding over any troublesome dry patches without any problems at all, it doesn't look like I have anything on my skin, it looks like a naturally flawless face. I only have to powder once or twice every 4/5 hours to banish shine and unlike other foundations that promise long lasting wear, this really doesn't budge meaning I don't end up trying to pull off the patchy look.
I would definitely recommend this!

Saturday, 25 February 2012

For the wench.

Hey Babba, so this post is alllll for you!
Heck, haven't we been through it all? But don't we always come out kicking and screaming, right on top! I absolutely love you with every teeeeeny piece of my heart, you are my rock.
If I give you grief you know it's only because I care and when you want to strangle me because i've got my bitchin' head on, just remember - You're my 'roomy' now, so don't ;) 
I'll be the first to admit I can be a sucky friend, but never, ever, ever forget that you'll always  be number one and I owe you everything! 
You can come to me whenever you need me (or even if you don't :P), any time sugarr.
I've been looking at our rather 'twee' canisters today and it just reminds me how amazing we are :') Our taste in furnishings and appliances couldn't be any more tacky if we tried but it's ours so... :D 

You make the crumpets - I'll make the bed.

I sound like i'm writing to my wife or something... well ;) 
We have the best times, no matter where we are or what we're doing, it's like a never ending party, sometimes we cry, get mad, sometimes we get the giggles because I can't make it past the first sentence in a book... You know where I'm going with this...

I have lots i'd like to say but tbh babba, you get the drift. You're my bestfriend and that's the way it is! Love you hussy! <3


So over the last few days I have had ^^^^ that same ridiculous smile plastered on my face. 
I have got myself a job in an absolutely lovely Kindergarten and my stunner of a bestfriend has snapped up some more hours at work, meaning our flat is now going to be BEAUTS!

Anyways! With my 19th birthday approaching fast... 2nd March, I am treating myself to a pamper day, hair cut and colour, wax, tan... you name it, i've probably booked it. So with my body being dolled up to the max, I feel like my face is missing out - and we can't have that.
It's a battle, Diorskin Forever vs Estee Lauder Double wear.