Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Giant Leap!

Taking a giant leap in to the big wide world... I am moving out!
Never have I experienced so many emotions in such little time.
Of course I am excited - finally I will make the rules and be able to make this cosy little flat of mine my own, but I can't deny that being responsible for literally everything for the first time is nothing less than daunting. 
I think having friends stay over will be the key for a good few weeks, I'm not sure i'd survive without my bestfriend showing me how to use the washing machine... Yes that's right, I do not know how to use it, i'll be honest, I've never had to use one. Saying things like that really reminds me just how much I have to learn.
On a lighter note, I have been getting very excited about buying furniture and appliances, I think that's probably the best part about moving out, so here are a few of the ultra girly, totally tacky things I've got on the 'wish list'.
House warming gifts/donations accepted ;) ahaa.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Just say it

So it would seem, that saying how you feel is sometimes easier said than done.
You know when you feel like something is going so well and then all you can do is worry that it'll turn sour? Well...
This is a little random and it may or may not mean anything to anyone, but I need to get this out somewhere and where better than my blog.

You don't want to fall for anyone but look what's happened.
You have, i'd like to think so anyway... Occasionally I feel like I could say 'I know', but I wont push my luck.
I get a little on edge when it takes you a while to text back, I'm not trying to be clingy (I know that doesn't sit well with you), but I can't help it, not sure I should apologise for wanting to speak to you quite so much - just means I like you.
I notice when you take a kiss off my texts and when there are no smiley faces, I get the urge to ask what the problem is but I know it's all in my head, you make me feel silly, getting all worked up over a text, but lets face it, you're a little confusing... and I like you... a lot. 
Every now and then I feel like I know what you are thinking/feeling, I think sometimes I really do, but you are unsure if you should or not, so you change a little.
They say a drunk mind speaks a sober heart, if that were true then you are the sweetest, and I really wish you would give in to how you feel when you are sober as well ;)
If not, then I look forward to future drunk chats with you anyway, they make me laugh.
Truth is, I'll put up with pretty much anything you throw my way, and that's bad because i've never believed in giving someone 'all of you', but without even trying or realising until right now - you have totally stolen my heart. This is without doubt one of the saftest things i've ever written/felt, it's totally ridiculous and i'm glad you'll never see it. I have a feeling if you did read this, it'd probably freak you out, and not do much good at all soooo.
I imagine falling in love with me isn't the easiest of things to do, I seem to come with drama and a handful of insecurities, which by the way, I seem to forget when i'm with you (besides the point), I talk a lot about things you probably really don't care about, my stupid past and my hopes and dreams for the future, but you listen and that means a lot.
If it ever happens, I'm sure I wont need to tell you how i'm feeling.
This has all been rather soppy and as lovely as it all is, we have a lot of laughs too, you constantly put a smile on my face and I couldn't have asked for anyone better to walk into my life. Blurghhh, more cheese again, I know!
It's pretty obvious I 'more than like you'.