Sunday, 11 March 2012

Getting that feeling

No naming names, but a very important boy in my life recently told me what his perfect day with a girl would be - I had asked of course.
The idea was that I would write about the products id use, makeup, hair care, clothes... you know... that id use if it was me going on that 'date day', truth is, when I read what the day/evening would be, I didn't think about what id be wearing or what makeup id have on - I was too busy trying to settle my tummy full of butterflies and imagining actually being there. Turns out boys can be just as lovely about these things as we always wish they'd be.
I had to really think about all this because to be honest, if the day's as perfect as it should be, you shouldn't be worried about over dolling up. But here goes :)

If you're waking up next to someone it should mean you really like each other, if not love... so chances are you're going to want to look slightly less like you've just woken up and more like they do in the movies... 
I really love bareMinerals Pure Transformation night treatment to help stay looking flawless while you sleep and just as you wake up :)
I'm afraid there's not much you can do to keep your hair looking lovely for when you wake up, but a little talc can work wonders if you have slightly greasy hair :)

My 'day date' is spending the day out and about, little bit of shopping, nice walks, having a giggle, doing anything we fancy so id keep makeup simple, but as you don't want to be topping up, id still stick to my Estee Lauder DoubleWear foundation and waterproof Benefit eye makeup :) 
I'd also recommend ELF's makeup mist and set.
Once you have your base, a teeny bit of blush OR bronzer should be enough and then a sleek line/winged liner with a light coat of mascara to make your eyes stand out.

I'm presuming this would be a day out in the summer so for clothes id go pretty but relaxed, maybe something like...

I don't remember how much I paid for these but any wedges are cute in my opinion for a date day :)
Cute dress or jeans and a pretty top - sorted! 

Evening would be a nice meal, some drinks and lots of conversation :) 
Id go for heavier/darker eye makeup as there should be lots of looking into each others eyes, but don't forget, this is a date, not a night out clubbing, so avoid all out black smokey eyes and be more adventurous with the smokey look, purples, golds, greens...
Light contouring with a matte bronzer and lip balm instead of a colour.
Outfit could really be anything, think about where you are going and the mood. Keep the outfit simple but make an effort, make sure you don't forget that you are not on the pull, you are with someone special, so switch the revealing clothes for some sexy underwear and keep the outfit elegant. 

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