Friday, 23 December 2011

Dolled up!

If anyone knows the importance of a good night out - It's me!
Apologies for neglecting the blog, a lot has been going on, but I now have a lot to blog about so s'all good aye babba's!


The famous Ann Summers socks have made their debut! As well as the most 'in your face' shoes I own.  

Excuse the 'red eye corrector'... I realise it has made my eye look abit wacky! But it's better than looking like a devil child. 
This is of course the beautiful dress I hadn't quite managed to get a good picture of yet, may I also apologise for the phone in between the boobs trick. (classy, I know).

And finally... as you can tell - my tongue is doing just fine! Minus it being bright red from the 'go go juice'.

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  1. I just awarded your blog :) xox