Thursday, 8 December 2011

Catch up!

Hey Babbas!
Hope you're all good.
I've not had time today to charge up my camera so it is now refusing to stay on quite long enough to upload any pictures, so I figured i'd just do a little catch up blog and tomorrow i'll put the pictures up :)
I've had a really good time with Jordan today, when you have a friend that you don't see or talk to all the time but when you do see each other, you are just as close... don't let them go.
I've ended up with some really lovely buys! Even though I was absolutely, under no circumstances, supposed to spend any money today (but when has that ever stopped me).
I've got a stunning pair of over the knee socks with little bows on the front from ann summers, a lacey dress from river island, a pink bandana for my pin up days and some anchor earings from Fourleaf clothing.
Also ended up with a tongue piercing - the things you do in the moment :S
Pretty successful day i'd say.
What's the most dramatic thing you've done in the spur of the moment?

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